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And We’re Off! August 29, 2007

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Clay’s Public Profession of Faith August 25, 2007

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This past Sunday, Clay chose to display his faith through sharing his testimony and then being baptized. You can see a video of it if you click on the link to Providence Community Church. It was a wonderful celebration!


Nicole at GWCA rocks! August 22, 2007

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(I’m writing this post on Wednesday, August 22, but this happened yesterday.)

Just one day (less than 24 hours actually) after receiving our Travel Approval, we got the email from Nicole in Travel at our adoption agency saying that she had confirmed our Consulate Appointment (CA) for September 10th! So…..that means, we leave on Wednesday, August 29 for China! The kids and I (Bo is working in Dallas this week) went out to lunch to celebrate, followed by shopping for various odds and ends for the trip.

On Monday, the thought of leaving next Wednesday seemed so close and rushed (in a good way!), but now….mercy, ONE WHOLE WEEK? But, I’m ready NOW!

God is good, all the time though. Next week is perfect!
Psalm 116:12 How can I repay the Lord for all His goodness to me?


Hold on tight!!!!!!!!! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride! August 21, 2007

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TA arrived today, and we’re praying to leave on the 29th!


Happy Birthday, Tian! August 15, 2007

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Our sweet daughter, Tian celebrated her last birthday away from us on August 5. We had previously sent a care package to her, and then before her birthday, ordered a stuffed toy, camera, and cake to be delivered to her swi. I just got pictures emailed to me today from her birthday celebration, and she’s wearing the dress we had previously mailed to her! It’s a GOOD day!


You awe weddy, mom? August 13, 2007

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Annie came in the bathroom after I showered this morning and asked me,

“Di you take a showee, mommy?”

“Yes, honey…I took a showee.”

“You awe weddy go get Sissy Tian, Mommy?”

“Yes, Annie…Mommy is ready to go get Sissy Tian.”

I’m so ready.


Introducing Our New Daughter! August 7, 2007

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It is with joy and thankfulness that we introduce our new daughter, Yong Feng Tian. Yong Feng is her surname, because she is from the town of Yong Feng in the Jiangxi province in China. Tian means “sweet.” We have decided to keep Tian (pronounced tee EN) because we love its meaning, we think she’s most certainly precious, and we’re now so used to calling her that, it would seem strange to change her name. She just celebrated her 2nd birthday on August 5 (we celebrated quietly by going out to Chinese for lunch, and shopping for some things we’ll need for our trip to her.) We are now just awaiting Travel Approval (TA) and then a couple of days after that we’ll receive our Consulate Appointment (CA). Right now, our agency is hoping to get TA back quickly, and have us flying out on August 30th. It can’t come soon enough!

Tian is 7 months old in the first photo. I can’t get her other two 7 month old photos to load right (they’re either too big for the screen or way too tiny.) We finally received an update on Tian, and the next two photos are when she was 23 months. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing? I can’t wait to kiss those cheeks!

Tian-7 monthsTian-23 monthsTian-23 months