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Important Adoption Dates March 7, 2007

Lilypie Waiting to adopt Ticker“>

Lilypie Waiting to adopt Ticker

5-11-2006-Mailed in application to adoption agency, began paperchasing

9-8-2006-We have finally completed all our paperchasing and are now officially DTC! (That’s “Dossier to China” for those not completely submersed in China adoption lingo!)

10-9-2006- We’re LID!!!!!!! (Again, that means “Logged-in,” and is the date that the clock starts ticking!)

2-13-2007-Saw the sweetest little face on IAAP’s website, and immediately called Dick & Cheryl to find out about the little girl we saw. We were given what little information that they had for her, and it was enough! We knew we wanted her as our little girl.

2-14-2007-Confirmed with Cheryl at IAAP that we were to be this little girl’s family! (There was some confusion on our part…they had posted that she had found her family, but I wasn’t sure if we were her family, or if another family had placed their application before us.) It was the sweetest Valentine’s Day present!

2-19-2007-Sent our LOI (Letter of Intent) to our agency.

2-28-2006-Our translated LOI is now on its way to China!

4-6-07-Good Friday. Good & Bad News today….It looks as if we will get our little girl!!!! Bad news, her file needs to be sent back to China, then re-sent to the agency we were formerly with, and then we will need to re-submit our LOI to that agency. That translates into more time…bad news! But…God is GREAT and His timing is perfect. We praise Him that He loves and cares for this little girl so much, and He knows our desire to have her home as soon as possible. He will accomplish this in His perfect time. (And btw, the clock isn’t ticking anymore, and will have to be re-set…but I’m leaving my ticker up there!)

6-1-07-PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD!!!!! Our little girl’s file has finally made it to our agency. After I finally quit shaking like a leaf, I got to work re-typing up our LOI for her, and emailed, faxed, and mailed everything I needed to to get the ball rolling, or better yet, the clock ticking.

6-5-07-Our Letter Of Intent has been translated and was submitted today, so this is our official new LOI date!

6-7-07-We got confirmation that the CCAA has received our LOI for Tian. Because we are already DTC, we don’t get an official PA, but this is basically the same thing! WooooHOOOOO!

7-30-07-LOA, LOA, LOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll receive it from our agency tomorrow, and overnight it back to them, so they will have it in hand August 1!

8-20-07-Our TA arrived!!!!!!!!!!! Our agency is being pretty ambitious and hoping to get our CA scheduled right around Sept. 10th, which means………..we would be leaving for China in just over a week! Hold tight…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8-21-07-Our CA is scheduled!!! (It’s hard for me to remember that there are folks outside of the Chinese adoption community who don’t know what all these abbreviations and acronyms stand for.) CA is the Consulate Appointment, and it happens at the end of your two week trip to China. This means we’re leaving for China on Wednesday, August 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Important Adoption Dates”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Hi Dana, I am one of the dear ladybugs and I am so excited about your upcomind adoption! We just returned from China with our 2 year old SN daughter, Emma. I look forward to knowing you.

    Be blessed,

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