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About December 7, 2006

Let me introduce you to our family. We’re Bo and Dana. We’ve been married for 15 years and God has blessed us abundantly! We have four amazing children. Our oldest is Clay. He’s good at most sports that he tries, and he’s also a history buff with an amazing memory, especially when it comes to World War II. Mary is our next child. Ten years old, and just as beautiful inside as she is outside. She blesses us daily by writing us notes, drawing us pictures, and often bringing us breakfast in bed. (She gets upset if you come downstairs before she has your breakfast ready!) Sam is our next guy. He’s eight, and full of laughter of fun. He is an excellent reader and speller, and loves being a big brother to his younger sister, Anne. Annie is 2 now and is hilarious. She LOVES to go to the “poo” (pool!) and she swims like a fish. (Her newest addiction is Finding Nemo!) She wears her little swim ring, and just jumps right in!

By today’s standards, we have a large family. But to us, it just feels normal. We really feel God’s calling to add to our family. This time though, we feel led to adopt. Our adoption journey has led us to a little girl who is living in China. We hope to use this website to include family and friends on our family updates and happenings, as well as a way to share our faith in the God in whom we believe.

We hope you’ll follow along with us, as we see God’s work unfolding in our lives. Oh, and about the title…we look forward to the day when our family is all together…under one roof.

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