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Finally!!!!! I can post again! September 8, 2007

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Mercy, but we’ve had computer issues! First, thank you all so much for the comments you’ve left. They’ve been emailed to me (WordPress automatically emails them to you) and they’ve been such an encouragement. I have been able to receive emails, just not mail anything.

We’re finally in Guangzhou, and one of the other guys from our group (who wasn’t in Jiangxi with us) helped us get some security things off of my computer, as well as downloading a program so that we can use the internet. (My blog was no longer accessible for a while there.)

Anyways, I have put the posts from here onto my journeytome site, along with pictures, which is what I know everybody wants to see, anyways! I have gotten it almost caught up, but it’s now after midnight, and I need to get some sleep. Within the next day or so, we should be able to have it all caught up to present. (Oh…I stilll can’t send emails 😦 )

I love y’all and miss everybody, and although it’s great to experience China, Tian’s birthplace, we are so ready to come home to our precious family. Clay, Mary, Sam, Anne….know that we love you and are thinking of you and praying for you, too.
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2 Responses to “Finally!!!!! I can post again!”

  1. Angie Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh …… I can live again, knowing you guys are safe and sound and can post to your other blog.

    The pictures are awesome and Tian is even MORE beautiful than the first batch of pictures we’ve seen of her!

  2. Erin Neikirk Says:

    So good to hear of your adventures and glad you’re all right! I kept asking Mary if you were going to do another post or not…I hadn’t figured you were have computer problems. (love/hate technology)
    Dana, when you do get back to the US you will be her new favorite person, especially when Daddy has to go back to work 🙂
    Your poem was so precious and captured the loss and gain aspect of adoption.
    Hang in there you’re almost home! (that promise to God…did mention something about missionary service in China? 🙂 …at least you’ve gotten your “feet wet” with life in China!)
    Miss ya’ll and can’t wait to meet Miss Tian!

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