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WoooooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 30, 2007

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Doing the Happy Dance, cause we’re finally LOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those outside of China adoption, that means we’ve been through review, and we sign a paper confirming that we do intend to adopt our daughter. It will arrive from our agency tomorrow and we’ll quickly sign it and overnight it back, and then it’ll be sent back to China. From there, all we’re waiting for is TA (Travel Approval) and CA (our Consulate Appointment!) Hold tight, sweetie! MaMa & BaBa are coming just as soon as we can!


An Update….FINALLY! July 28, 2007

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Praise God! We finally got an update on the little girl we’re adopting. I can’t post any information till we receive TA (Travel Approval) from China, but suffice it to say, we’re overjoyed to receive an updated orphanage report and two new pictures. She is so sweet, and we’re just so anxious to go.


Photos from Denver July 3, 2007

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On the Road Again! July 2, 2007

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God is so good! Bo has officially received the offer for his promotion! What this means for our family is a move to the Denver area sometime in 2008. His company was generous enough to send me out there with him to get a feel for the area (because any future trips will have at least two toddlers along for the ride!) We had such a good time, just driving around and getting a great feel for the area we will soon call “home.” We took a few pictures of the foothills. Ummmm….here in flat as a pancake Florida, we call those MOUNTAINS! It is such a beautiful area, and I can see why everyone I’ve ever met from this area just loves it.