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So neat! May 22, 2007

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Just a few days after going to Epcot and seeing the store pictured below, Bo and Clay went out for Chinese. Bo opened up his fortune cookie, and guess what the “Learn Chinese” word on the back of the fortune was? Yep…shangdian, which means store. Isn’t that cool?


This was just too cool! May 8, 2007

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God is so good! Last Thursday, we went to Epcot for the day. (We have only been there once, and it was in early February before we found our little girl.) When we first got in the park, Annie wanted one of the park map flyers because Nemo & Dory are on the front. We grabbed one for her, and about five minutes later noticed that we had grabbed the one printed entirely in Chinese. Then later, we were heading to the China part of Epcot, of course! We walked up towards the gift shop, only to look at the name of it….Yong Feng Shandian. Well, that was another little surprise, because our daughter’s name is Yong Feng Tian, because she lives in the Yong Feng SWI (Social Welfare Institute) in the Jiangxi province. How cool is that? Yong Feng is a tiny village, so to see that name at Disney was just so neat! Even though the CCAA was not working last week because of the May holiday, I took it as reassurance from God that He is (still) over all of this, and that He’s watching over our little girl right now till we can bring her home.

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