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Friends are home from Liberia!!! March 7, 2007

Filed under: Blog — oneroof @ 7:47 pm

Our dear friends, Ken & Erin are home from Liberia!!!! They have three biological children, and like us, felt God’s leading towards growing their family through adoption. And boy, did they! They went from having three children, to having six!!! They got home last night, and stopped over this afternoon so we could meet their newest family members. They are such sweeties! Kennedy, the oldest at 6, played with some of our Annie’s electronic toys, till I sent Sam up to get the matchbox cars, and then he really lit up! Mary-5 (their Mary, not ours) dressed dolls the whole time, and the little guy, Justino-2 rode Annie’s doggy toy, and then joined Kennedy playing with cars. Apparently, they’re already well acquainted with the trampoline, as well. What joy they’re already bringing to their new mom & dad and brothers & sister! God is so good! Behold, children are a gift of the Lord! Ps 127:3


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