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Lovin’ It or Luggin’ It? March 31, 2007

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funny-pictures-new-mcdonalds-ad-zxj.jpgToday Bo & I decided to have a one month fast from fast food. Between Bo’s travel and me haulin’ the kids to baseball, dr’s appointments, etc, and living no less than 1/2 hour from everything, we’ve just eaten out far too much. Just after deciding this, I opened up my email, and what did I find??? This lovely picture that a friend had forwarded to me.

(Bo wants it made clear that this is NOT him!!!!!


Accidental Adoption March 22, 2007

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“Accidental Adoption”

Have you ever noticed that you hear all the time about “accidental”pregnacies, but never about couples who experience “accidental” adoptions? Can you imagine:

Honey, sit down. I have some news for you.
What is it?

Well, I don’t know how to say this, so I’ll just come out with it. I went to the mailbox today and… well, we got a 171-H.
A what?!? A 171-H? As in, we’re going to have a(nother) baby?!?

It looks that way.
But how? We’ve been so careful! I put away all the blank I-600A forms. Didn’t you hide our homestudy update?

Of course I did, but don’t forget, there was that one night..
What night? (pauses) Ohhh, that night, But it was only once. We were just messing around. I didn’t print clearly. I didn’t even use ink! (pauses again) But it was kind of fun. (giggles). It was, wasn’t it?

I’ll never forget how cute you looked getting your fingerprints.
So now we’ve got our 171-H, eh? But that doesn’t always mean you’ll adopt, does it? I mean, shouldn’t you see the agency or something, make sure everything’s okay?

I already did.

I’m five documents along.
Five documents! And they’re all notarized, certified and authenticated okay?

Just great. There was one small scare when the agency couldn’t see the Notary’s middle initial but it showed up just fine under the magnifying glass. Thank God. And you, honey? Are you feeling okay?
I’m feeling fine. As long as I know you’re happy about this.

Happy? I’m thrilled! It’s always a shock at first when something like this happens, but of course I’m happy.

Author Unknown


Grandma Mc! March 9, 2007

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Disney with Grandma Mc!

Just dropped Grandma Mc off at the airport. She came to help watch the kids so Bo & I could go to GA for our church plant retreat. While she was here, we got to go to Magic Kingdom & MGM for two days! Had a blast, and the weather was perfect for Disney!


Clay’s First Ballgame of the Season March 8, 2007

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I was all set to take pictures, and post about Clay’s first ballgame of 2007, but wouldn’t you know it…he got hurt! He had a great first inning…got all three of the outs for the opposing team, hit a double, stole third, and made it home to score his team’s first point. However, while sliding into home, he rolled his ankle and spent the rest of the night in the dugout with an ice pack. Praise God, today has shown that it isn’t broken!


Friends are home from Liberia!!! March 7, 2007

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Our dear friends, Ken & Erin are home from Liberia!!!! They have three biological children, and like us, felt God’s leading towards growing their family through adoption. And boy, did they! They went from having three children, to having six!!! They got home last night, and stopped over this afternoon so we could meet their newest family members. They are such sweeties! Kennedy, the oldest at 6, played with some of our Annie’s electronic toys, till I sent Sam up to get the matchbox cars, and then he really lit up! Mary-5 (their Mary, not ours) dressed dolls the whole time, and the little guy, Justino-2 rode Annie’s doggy toy, and then joined Kennedy playing with cars. Apparently, they’re already well acquainted with the trampoline, as well. What joy they’re already bringing to their new mom & dad and brothers & sister! God is so good! Behold, children are a gift of the Lord! Ps 127:3